Local Wine Lovers turn Winemakers!


Well what is there to say? It all started about 15 years ago when we, my husband and I started making wine in a neighbouring town. And for the first 10 years we must have thought that Valpolicella was the only red wine out there.

Lucky for us about 10 years ago a new ferment on premise came to our small rural town of Tilbury Ontario. Living 5 minutes away we started brewing locally and …that’s where it all began. This fall will mark our 3rd anniversary as proud owners of an Exclusive Winexpert Retail Store.

This past March, we achieved a “Tier 1 Standing” as a retailer for Winexpert. Having said that, numerous batches have been fermented, loads of bottles filled and countless corks have found new homes.

Making wine at the Wine Store is not just a job; it’s our “Passion”. We pride ourselves on giving great customer service each and every time you visit.

Again, The Wine Store and More, where great wine is yours for the making!